QBA Consulting Corporation is affiliated with Courtenay Thompson & Associates for the purpose of providing professional development training seminars on health benefits administration audits and cost controls.Richard M. Stohl, CPA, Director of Audit Services at QBA is the developer and instructor of several seminars related to health benefits administration audits, cost controls and oversight.  The courses are designed to address the situations and issues actually encountered and provide practical solutions.  Exercises and case studies are used to supplement and reinforce the concepts presented.  Experience and fundamentally sound course design is properly balanced with training expertise to assure participants a high quality learning experience.

"Health Benefits Administration Auditing" is sponsored by The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc. as one of its professional development seminars.  The seminar covers the complete audit process with detail audit procedures and audit program.  This seminar is recommended for internal auditors who plan on performing an audit of Third-Party Administrators (TPA) and other benefit plan vendors.  Course description can be viewed at

"Audit & Control of Health Benefits Administration" is a two-day seminar for in-house presentations that can be tailored to meet your organizationís needs. The course emphasis is on the team concept in evaluating and controlling health benefits administration costs. Course description can be viewed at

"How to Audit Health Benefits Administration" a one-day seminar available to local IIA chapters.  It covers in detail the "Must Do's" in auditing health benefits administration. Course description can be viewed at
Presentation Topics For Local Meetings and Conferences Include:

††††††††† Keys To Successful Auditing Health Benefits Administration

††††††††† Fraud and Abuse in Health Benefits Administration

††††††††† Internal Controls & Stewardship Over Health Benefit Costs

††††††††† Risk Assessment of Health Benefits Administration

†††††††††  Risks and Exposures in Health Benefits Administration

††††††††† Ten Ways Internal Auditors Can Help Control Health Benefit Costs

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